Phone Systems

Remote Communications You Can Trust

We offer custom plans for cloud-based VOIP business phone systems that can used for video conferencing, text, and chat.

Business Communications from Anywhere

We are a certified partner with GoToConnect (formly known as Jive). GoToConnect technologies can be used seemlessly from anywhere: the office, home, remote, even a mobile device. Your employees can stay productive and connected from anywhere.


Low Costs, High Quality

Companies who switch to GoToConnect have seen savings of up to 87% when moving from traditional telephony [Source]. In addition, they have access to more features than traditional telephony. We have flexible pricing plans and bundles make it easy for any company to get exactly what they need at a price they can afford.

We have even helped full time call centers cut their office phone lines down to just 5 lines.

3 Reasons to Choose ProComm Total Office Technologies

Relationship Based

We believe that we are in business to serve you, and we value our relationships with all of our customers.

All in One Solution

We handle everything a company needs to grow and be successful: IT Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, Compliance, Phone, and our Total Office Portal.

IT Coach

We are the last IT company you'll ever need. We can teach you how to use the technologies you need, so you can be more self sufficient.

Phone and Meetings in the Cloud

GoToConnect’s cloud-based, distributed architecture provides a solid, reliable foundation for successful remote working. Your employees will have everything they need to communicate and get work done whether in the office, at home, or on the go.

Packed With Features

GoToConnect comes packed with features that empower your business to grow while your users stay productive and look professional.

  • VOIP calling
  • Cloud PBX
  • Auto-attendants with automated answering and call routing
  • Video conferencing with screen sharing options
  • Mobile apps that work on iOS and Android
  • Forward calls to any extension or phone number
  • Virtual voicemail that can be checked from anywhere
  • Ring groups of extensions or cell phone numbers

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