Total Office Portal

Everything an office needs

What is the Total Office Portal?

Total Office Portal is cloud computing in it’s simplest form. It provides access to everything an office needs: Your Computers, High Speed Internet, Applications, Files, Microsoft Suite, Virus Protection, Phone, Video Conferencing, Data Back-Up, Disaster Recovery, Cyber Security & Compliance. All with 24-7 Support.

Total Office Portal provides a easy solution to today’s complex IT needs. Schedule an appointment to learn more.

Your Office in the Cloud

The Total Office Portal puts all desktops and laptops in the cloud. No need to worry about theft or viruses. You can control the environment for all your employees, and the applications they use.

The system uses terminals instead of PCs, so the only hardware needed is a monitor, keyboard and mouse. All terminals connect directly to a cloud server. All employees see the same work environment and software applications from the office, from their home, and from remote locations.

Be on the front end of the new age of computing: 100% cloud computing.

Everything An Office Needs

The Total Office Portal includes the total office environment, everything your business needs. From file storage to desktop environments to phone systems, backups, and software licensing!

All the computing power you need and at super fast speed. Everything happens at the cloud server level with a gigabit connection.

3 Reasons to Choose ProComm Total Office Technologies

Relationship Based

We believe that we are in business to serve you, and we value our relationships with all of our customers.

All in One Solution

We handle everything a company needs to grow and be successful: IT Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, Compliance, Phone, and our Total Office Portal.

IT Coach

We are the last IT company you'll ever need. We can teach you how to use the technologies you need, so you can be more self sufficient.

Safe and Secure

A study by BullGuard found that 43% of small and midsize businesses (SMB) have no cybersecurity defense plan in place. This leaves their most sensitive financial, customer and business data, and ultimately their companies, at significant risk. 18.5% of SMB have suffered from a cyber attack or data breach within the past year.

Of those attacked 25% reported they lost business as a result, and almost 40% stated they lost crucial data. [Source]

With Total Office Portal, all files and software programs are handled on our secured cloud server … with daily backups. Your files are safe, private and virus free.


The Total Office Portal is completely scalable.

For businesses that are growing quickly: our system grows quickly with them and with ease. For businesses that need to downsize quickly: our system can downsize quickly as well.

Take the first step in right-sizing your equipment, by contacting us.

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