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Easy to Upsize and Downsize

There are many reasons why an organization might adopt cloud computing:
security, flexibility, mobility, remote workforce, compliance, competitive edge, and disaster recovery.

ProComm Total Office Technologies can help with all of these.

We help with all things cloud based.

Optimize Your Time and Investments

Investing in managed cloud service provides more than just an ability to upsize and downsize quickly. Partnering with the right managed service provider can not only help keep your infrastructure secure, but will also help you optimize your time and investments, thus allowing you to focus on operational outcomes.

ProComm Total Office Technologies can address the short-term and long-term functionality, security and privacy concerns of any business.



Scalable and Easy

Cloud services provide excellent, flexible, thoroughly modern enterprise-grade platforms, with a comprehensive range of features and benefits that get the job done for any number of users.

Our cloud services provide nearly limitless functional alternatives that significantly improve business continuity, drive operating efficiencies, allow employees to work from anywhere and are continuously upgraded.

3 Reasons to Choose ProComm Total Office Technologies

Relationship Based

We believe that we are in business to serve you, and we value our relationships with all of our customers.

All in One Solution

We handle everything a company needs to grow and be successful: IT Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, Compliance, Phone, and our Total Office Portal.

IT Coach

We are the last IT company you'll ever need. We can teach you how to use the technologies you need, so you can be more self sufficient.

Trouble-Free and Secure

As a core part of our business, ProComm Total Office Technologies’ managed cloud services represent the best available in the independent cloud services industry — ideal for those businesses desiring a truly trouble-free and secure cloud experience.

We also handle compliance certifications that most providers simply will not, all done with an ease that only a fully managed platform with expert oversight can achieve.

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