Are Your Systems Compliant?

We help organizations address regulatory issues and develop strategies to keep pace with change.

Compliance Has Many Acronyms

Our compliance risk services include: HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, NIST, ISO 27001, and more.

We handle everything for you: risk assessment, managing complex technologies, and securing your critical network environment.

We don’t stop there, we will monitor your security program, and respond to any security incidents.

Cyber Liability Insurance Compliance

We use a state-of-the-art assessment device we developed called Cyber Analysis Risk Assessment Appliance (CARAA). It plugs into your network and scans for security measures, and security holes.

Did you know even with cyber liability insurance, your insurance provider may not pay out if you can not prove you were compliant with their security requirements? If you are attacked and have insurance, you can still be left high and dry.

Our report, once complete, can be sent to your insurance provider as a proof of meeting their security requirements to ensure an insurance payout of a future incident.

3 Reasons to Choose ProComm Total Office Technologies

Relationship Based

We believe that we are in business to serve you, and we value our relationships with all of our customers.

All in One Solution

We handle everything a company needs to grow and be successful: IT Support, Cloud, Cyber Security, Compliance, Phone, and our Total Office Portal.

IT Coach

We are the last IT company you'll ever need. We can teach you how to use the technologies you need, so you can be more self sufficient.

Why Compliance Is Important

Even if you have a thorough cyber security system in place, that in of itself is not compliance. Compliance is meeting regulatory requirements and creating written evidence necessary to stand up in an audit, investigation, or lawsuit.

Cyber security does not equal compliance.

Compliance regulations come in many forms and it is the business owners’ responsibility to ensure their business meets all of the necessary compliance regulations.

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